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A business address on a prime location in Amsterdam, wouldn’t that be good for your company’s image? Unfortunately, such a location is usually way too expensive for entrepreneurs. That is why SFAA offers a solution: a virtual office in downtown Amsterdam!

Renting an Office at SFAA Accountancy

With a virtual office at SFAA, your office is located on Koningsplein 1 in Amsterdam. You won’t be able to find a place deeper in the heart of the city than this one. A virtual office can serve as a post address for receiving and sending business correspondence, and will provide your business with a more professional image. A virtual office is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who do not need physical space, but do want to maintain a professional image.

The Advantages of Renting an Office at SFAA

Renting an office at SFAA Accountancy has several advantages;

  • Receiving and sending letters inside and outside The Netherlands, which will be scanned and sent to your email address;
  • CoC registration on our address;
  • “Koningsplein 1” on your business cards;
  • Professional image towards your customers;
  • Cost efficiency;
  • Google maps notification.

Prices of Virtual Office SFAA

Are you considering a virtual office as a solution for your firm? At SFAA Accountancy, you can rent an office for € 99,- per month, tax excluded.

Do You want to Rent a Virtual Office at the Center of Amsterdam? Contact us!

If you are interested in having a virtual office in downtown Amsterdam, or have any questions about the possibilities of a virtual office at SFAA: contact us now!

Virtual Office Form

Annelie Snijder Master of Science Financial Management & business owner
Annelie Snijder Master of Science Financial Management & business owner