We Make Bookkeeping Simple

We are an online accounting office. This means you do not have to carry physical receipts, or piles of dossiers of around. Emailing individual files isn’t necessary either. We work with an online bookkeeping program hosted directly in the cloud. This gives you live insight into your administration. We make it easy for you to know how much profit you are making at that very second. Clear, transparent, and simple, allowing you more time to focus on running your business.

Apps and tools

The team of SFAA is closely following developments of financial apps and online tools. We are always looking for new tools.
Don’t worry if you are not an online expert. Our team is around to help you using, navigating, and improving your finance. That is the advantage of an online accounting office! Would you like to know more about our online administration? Read more here.

Accounting Office in downtown Amsterdam

Our online accounting office doesn’t only exist on the internet. We do have a physical office you can visit, located at Koningsplein, in the heart of Amsterdam. Feel free to drop by and discuss your financial administration in real life at Koningsplein!
It doesn’t matter whether you are located in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world. Thanks to our online office, we can help you anyway, and we look forward to doing so in any way that we can.

The Financial Heroes of the Accountant Office SFAA

The financial and fiscal heroes of SFAA combine specialized with broad knowledge, having worked with many organizations in different industries. We are certain we can help every entrepreneur take that next step. The SFAA team consists of outstanding administrators, business experts, and smart financial advisors. We are all passionate about financing and helping entrepreneurs. The whole team of specialists works together in one place, allowing us to switch quickly, immediately solving any entrepreneur’s problem.

You can consider us your financial department: a team of specialists who manage your finances. Thanks to our active approach, we are often one step ahead of our customers. Before you hit a financial stumbling block, we have already spotted it, and solved it for you.

The Clients of Accounting Office SFAA

SFAA is a professional and enterprising organization. Features that make SFAA stand out are an active approach, constructive thinking and problem-solving, while working together with the entrepreneur or organization. SFAA is always accessible, ready to respond adequately and in an understandable manner to your questions. All this combined makes SFAA an excellent partner you can trust, and build on.

It all started with Annelie

SFAA was established by Annelie Snijder, a down-to-earth business economist from Groningen, who fell in love with Amsterdam. Her personal mission is to offer high quality work at an affordable price. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Financial Management, plus five years of experience in different industries, you can trust that she knows what she is talking about. Accompanied by her team of specialists, she works at the SFAA office in the heart of the city that she has come to love so much: Amsterdam. Ready to help and advise you, finding answers to all your financial questions.

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