What should I choose? In addition to the usual VOF and BV, the legal form cooperative has been used more and more frequently in recent years. But what are the benefits of a cooperative over a VOF or a BV? And why should you choose a cooperative? We discuss these topics in this blog!

When is a cooperative used?

Entrepreneurs are often looking for an affordable alternative to the usual legal forms. A cooperative is one of these legal forms! This legal form is used by SMEs that pursue a joint project or goal or have discovered a niche in the market.

When does a cooperative become interesting?

This can be used, for example, when joining forces between several companies. It is important that the identity of every entrepreneur is preserved. In this way, advisers and other SMEs who supervise the project can each achieve their own turnover and also work on their own brand recognition.

In addition, a cooperative can be a stimulating factor because the result can be divided without confusing the tax burden. Another advantage of a cooperative is that you can shape it yourself. If you want, you can only operate part of your company as a cooperative, but of course your entire company can.

Advantages and disadvantages of a cooperative

Of course there are also disadvantages of a cooperative, such as the consequences of working together. This mainly concerns the liability of the members towards third parties. Below we have listed the characteristics of the legal forms we have discussed for you.

V.O.F B.V. Cooperative
establishment form-free agreement notarial deed notarial deed
legal person noyesyes
liability Jointly and severally liableMajor shareholder in principle not liableVarious liability regimes
Tax liabilityAssociates pay income taxCorporate income tax
Corporate income tax

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More information

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