Corporation tax (in dutch: vennootschapsbelasting), also known as corporate income tax, is tax paid on the profit of a Dutch public limited company or BV. If you are a sole trader or V.O.F. , you pay income tax and do not therefore relate to corporation tax ( in dutch: vpb )

How to calculate the profit tax (vpb)

Two different brackets are used to pay corporation tax (corporation tax). From 2019, the first bracket represents the percentage of income tax that is calculated on a profit of up to 250,000 euros. For the profit that you achieve above this 250,000 euros, a calculation is made based on the second bracket.

Permanent reduction

With the new rate you pay 1 percent less tax on the profit of your company. This does not sound like very much, but this can certainly be worth it! For example, you can save 500 euros on a profit of 50,000 euros. Below you can see what the rates are per year and per bracket.

The government promises to keep reducing this percentage in the coming years. For example, the percentage in the first bracket in 2020 will be 15%. The percentage will also fall in the second bracket in the coming years; it will be 22.55% in 2020 and 20.5% in 2020. This means that every year less tax is levied on the profit of your company. With the new tax plan, the government hopes to create a greener and more enforceable tax system, which is of course good for everyone.

Do you want to outsource your Dutch corporate income tax ?

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